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Go Ad-Free in 10 More Countries with YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium is now available in ten additional countries. The well-known video streaming behemoth’s paid tier was previously accessible in a lot of places, but Google has now extended it even farther, allowing users to purchase the subscription in 100 different countries. Notably, this growth occurs nine years after the launch of YouTube’s premium tier, in February 2024, when YouTube Premium surpassed 100 million subscribers.

Android Police was the first to notice the global expansion. Google just expanded its paid tier to 10 new countries, including Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Morocco. This brings the total number of regions with YouTube Premium access to 100, according to their updated support page. The service is currently only accessible in 99 countries because Russia has temporarily disabled it.

According to the article, in addition to the basic individual plan, YouTube Premium will provide family and student plans in all ten countries, giving users the opportunity to subscribe at a lower price. Higher education schools offer the student plan to full-time students. But students need to be re-verified annually by a third party. With the family subscription, which is somewhat more expensive than the individual plan, customers can add up to five family members who are at least 13 to the Google family group and benefit from a single subscription.

Users can enjoy benefits like limitless ad-free video streaming, offline video downloads, and picture-in-picture background play when they subscribe to YouTube Premium. Additionally, a YouTube Music membership is included.


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