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Geyser buying guide: 5 things not-to-miss while buying right geyser this winter.

Winter has arrived. Geysers and heaters are now necessary. Both the kitchen and the bathroom need geysers and heaters. A geyser is a significant appliance; therefore, in addition to the requirements, it is crucial to consider safety and efficiency when purchasing one.

Geysers can now be purchased offline or online. There are numerous choices available. Before purchasing, be sure to check the installation specifications and manufacturer warranty. Location, security measures, electricity use, and other considerations are additional crucial factors. Here are five crucial considerations for purchasing a geyser.

Set a spending limit and search for the best option.
Creating a budget is likely the first thing you should do before purchasing. Geysers are similar to each other. Set a budget first, then center your search on the essential characteristics.

Select the tank size.
Determining the storage tank capacity is crucial when selecting an electric storage geyser, gas water heater, or solar water heater. The capacity is also influenced by usage. So before making a decision, consider your usage. A general guide to water tank capacity is provided here:

For couples or use in the kitchen: Quick water heater
For households of two to three people: 6 liters or more
Families having four to eight members: 35 to 50 liters

Before purchasing, check the energy efficiency rating.
Geysers use a lot of electricity, just like air conditioners and other electric equipment, which can result in a bill shock. Therefore, we advise you to choose geysers with an energy efficiency rating of at least 4.

Safety elements are crucial; you shouldn’t disregard them.
A geyser does not require much information to operate. There are a few aspects, nevertheless, that you should pay attention to while purchasing a geyser. In this case, safety features are crucial. Safety Valves are one of these. Verify your geyser’s auto-cutoff option, too. In case of an emergency, there is also a fail-safe feature.

Select reputable brands.
Geysers are crucial, so choosing brands is very important. Unbranded geysers could be more affordable, but they might also be risky. Be sure to search for geysers bearing the ISI brand. The geyser’s ISI mark indicates that it has undergone quality and safety inspections. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. Also, look into the warranty.


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