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Generative AI and its impact on art.

Artificial intelligence-generated art is the talk of the hour. When an AI-generated piece of art beat dozens of artists at the Colorado State Fair, it immediately sparked a lot of debate. Can art created by AI be considered art? Are artists going to be irrelevant in the future? These are some of the questions that have no answer at the moment.

As far as the question of human artists goes, there’s no doubt that they will always be relevant. Even the top generative AI tools of the moment cannot match the creativity and spontaneity of human artists. But who is to say it won’t be the case in the future?

Generative AI can not only create art but a lot of other things. Be it prose, music, humor, or insights, AI can do a lot of things at the moment. Going forward, the capabilities of artificial intelligence will only increase.

As AI improves, we have to come up with better ways to deal with generative AI. Shunning the technology is not only foolish but also impossible. When used the right way, generative AI can usher in a new wave of creative freedom and expression.

If AI is not considered the artist, is it the coder or the developer who is the true artist behind the artwork? We can answer in both affirmative and negative, and neither would be wrong. As we move to a future where AI is ubiquitous, it’s for the larger benefit to make peace with the qualities of generative AI.


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