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France used Google AI to identify undeclared swimming pools.

Owning a house swimming pool is a dream for many people. However, building your domestic swimming pool is expensive. Maintaining it is even more expensive, which leads to people looking for corners to cut.

In France, as in many other countries, property tax varies on the nature of the property. If you have a home with a swimming pool in France, you would have to pay higher taxes. Naturally, many people have not declared that they own a swimming pool to avoid paying taxes.

France has tackled this issue with the help of Google’s AI. With the help of this specially created AI tool, authorities can map out areas to reveal undeclared swimming pools. This project has been quite successful until now, having detected more than 20,000 undeclared swimming pools. The total tax revenue that would have been collected from these pools exceeds 10 million US dollars.

French authorities partnered with Google and Capgemini to develop an AI system that would help them identify swimming pools over specific areas on the map. This system uses aerial images to identify and locate homes with swimming pools.

AI has ever-evolving use cases, as proven by this innovation from French authorities. Under the leadership of Emmanual Macron, France has increasingly digitized its governmental processes. This move from France shows that when used efficiently, AI can be hugely beneficial for governments and tax authorities. Over the coming months and years, this AI system will help French authorities detect more undeclared swimming pools.


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