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For Just $20 a month, you can host meetings in Mozilla’s mini metaverse.

Hubs, a product from Mozilla, has been available for a while. It’s not Second Life, or even Facebook Spaces, according to Lucas, who said of a 2018 preview of the service, “It’s low-key.

The program now offers more features than it did back then, including non-robot avatars, but the Second Life aesthetic is still very much present. Mozilla points out that Hubs has held various events, from online conferences and schools to art exhibitions.
Today, a subscription-based version of the program is being unveiled. Is this just an effort to charge for what Mozilla already provided for free?

Now you can accomplish your work by creating a room that has been significantly enhanced by new Hubs subscription service. Instead of managing individual rooms on, you’ll have access to account management tools, privacy and security capabilities to personalize access to your Hub, and the option to brand your Hub’s home page and color scheme thanks to our new subscription model.

The main benefits are greater customization and control over Hubs. However, you’ll pay $20 a month for that. The organization promises that there will be more levels and a free version in the future, but it’s $20 per month or nothing (though you can cancel whenever). In addition, future tiers will provide features like increased storage capacity and lodging capacity for more guests. What the free version will and won’t offer is still being determined.

For the time being, to operate as it currently is. Still, intend to modify the data retention guidelines for to delete outdated content. They will make a timeline for these changes and details on switching material to a free or paid subscription available in the upcoming months.


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