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Fitbit will require customers to log in using a Google account.

The fitness giant Fitbit which is loved for its fitness products has just announced an important upgrade that will begin in a couple of months and continue for three more years. This decision comes in the wake of Google acquiring the fitness technology firm and revamping it to reflect its own brand. Fitbit users in the near future will need to go through the process of compulsorily integrating their current Fitbit accounts with their Google accounts. Presently, there will be a choice to go ahead without this linking. Everyone can use their Fitbit gadgets like usual for some time but will ultimately have to go through the upgrade if they want to continue having full access to all the specs. The firm has stated that it will officially announce the end date by which consumers should combine their accounts with Google at a later date.

This update will focus on increased safety mechanisms, protection of consumer’s information, and confidentiality of usage. It will also offer a slew of maximized utilities to Fitbit lovers after the requisite connecting is done. A representative of Google stated that this clubbing of databases will adhere to all mandates laid down by the regulatory bodies around the world. This move is a step towards increasing interface-friendliness and enhancing the quality of performance offered by the health technology specialist. They are also pushing for mainstream adoption of one-time-only sign-ins for all the Fitbit and Google-using gadgets. While this is a welcome advancement in the right direction, some tech experts are still exercising doubt over how effective it is going to be.


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