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Facebook Marketplace Will Restrict Car Dealerships’ Capability to List Vehicles.

Car dealers will face the impacts when Facebook changes its Marketplace rule for listing, according to a report by The Verge. Meta recently announced that the ability of dealers for listing cars on its Marketplace will be limited.

From January 30 next year, dealers will be unable to list their vehicles through their business page. It means they will have to buy advertising space on Marketplace. The dealers may try to list their cars using personal profiles on this platform. In that case, it will be difficult to identify genuine listings. Meta plans to stop the ability of sellers to create vehicle and property listings through Facebook’s business Page.

It can be confusing because Meta’s support page does not openly ask business page users to not post products through personal profiles. The support page describes how dealers can connect with their target audience without listing on the Marketplace through the business page. If Meta implements this decision, many companies listing cars and properties may try to post these ads through personal profiles.

The new rules are unlikely to solve the problem of fake listings that appear on Facebook’s Marketplace. Many dealers already use individual accounts to post business listings. These lists do not have the label “dealership” below the listing’s photo.

The new rules will be implemented initially across some selected countries. This rule will cover vehicle and real estate listings. The new rules are not being implemented at present outside the US.

Some prospective buyers have expressed hope now they will be able to find affordable vehicles. They expect to get their vehicle and the desired price quickly and efficiently.


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