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Elon Musk loses another one battle: Sony is disabling Twitter integration on PlayStation consoles next week.

Today, Sony stated on its support website that the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 systems will no longer be able to integrate with the social networking platform formerly known as Twitter starting next week. This furthered the great X spiral.

Effective November 13, 2023, users will no longer be able to connect their PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 consoles to X (formerly known as Twitter). This means that you will no longer be able to view X content on your PlayStation consoles, nor will you be able to share screenshots, clips, trophies, or other gameplay-related activities directly from your PlayStation consoles to X.

A few months after Microsoft decided to stop allowing uploads to the platform from Xbox consoles and the Windows Game Bar, Sony has decided to discontinue its integration with X. Even earlier, in February, Blizzard took Twitter connectivity out of the World of Warcraft MMO.

Although a reason for ending the service was not given, we pointed out that Blizzard’s decision to eliminate Twitter integration from World of Warcraft was probably due to modifications made to the Twitter API earlier this year. The previously free API access has been replaced with a significantly more limited choice: Basic access, which is now “for hobbyists or prototypes,” costs $100 per month. The Enterprise tier, which I assume is where a company of Sony’s size needs to be, offers different monthly subscription prices “based on usage and needs” that start at $42,000 per month. The Pro tier, the next level up, is “for startups scaling their businesses” and costs $5,000 per month.

A few days ago, X said that customers needed to switch to the more recent v2 version since it was “deprecating some of our v1.1 endpoints”. Sony might have just concluded that it wasn’t worth the cost and hassle of continuing support given X’s problems in the year since Elon Musk took over, which have included dwindling user numbers and a large loss in value—trends that appear quite certain to continue into the foreseeable future.

When I contacted X to request a comment, I got its typical automated response, which said, “Busy now, please check back later”. Additionally, I’ve questioned Sony on why it is discontinuing X support; if I hear back, I’ll let you know.


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