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Disperse, a firm building data using AI, has raised $16 million.

Disperse is a well-known name in the construction sector as a provider of productivity systems for the industry. The company was set up as part of an LSE (London School of Economics) incubator project in 2015. In the years after its founding, it has established a foothold in the American market. Its strategic relationships with companies like UAG and Gilbane are well known.

The only year in which the company’s growth was hampered was 2020, because of the pandemic. Disperse revenues have grown by 2x year-on-year since its entry into the market. It is tying up with builders with great growth prospects in the UK and Ireland. Some of these companies include Hines, John Sisk & Son, and Mace, to name a few.

Disperse made the news again for raising $16 million in extra funding and 2150 is a lead investor. Other investors include Kindred Capital and Northzone. The technology deployed by Disperse makes it easy for stakeholders to make good decisions based on accurate data and the status of their project. The information is reliable as the in-built records offer insights on risk reduction and increased productivity. The Disperse system makes it easy for a project team to get away from mundane administrative tasks while protecting against errors and rework.

According to the CEO, Felix Neufeld, 2150 is an ideal partner to work with. He said that many VCs invest in construction-related technology without an idea of how the industry works. 2150 is already a known quantity with a big presence in real estate and they focus on solutions that can change the industry. 2150’s approach is in line with Disperse’s mission and together, the companies look forward to changing the future of construction.


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