Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Democrats introduce a new bill to restrict the use of facial recognition by US law enforcement.

Governments around the world are increasingly making use of revolutionary technology in helping their police forces enforce justice and nab perpetrators on time. Developed countries like the US have been using state-of-the-art facial recognition tech widely for the last few years. As the latest development, House Democrats are in the process of formulating a bill that could cut back on the unchecked usage of this tech. This is being done to enhance the accuracy of the identification mechanism and also protect the interests of various citizens.

The details of the legislative framework for this software include the prevention of unwarranted use in apprehending citizens, especially racial minorities, which is happening at rallies and marches. It will also ensure the protection of the interests of the minors being apprehended. They will be required to delete the pertaining information once the child or teen is released scot-free. Periodic checks and due filing of reports related to the use of the facial identification system also need to be adhered to.

The widespread usage of facial identification tech in the process of arresting people has been widely criticized by American citizens for a number of reasons. It has proved to be problematic on many occasions when identifying people from other ethnicities. This has been a hassle for both the police personnel and the mistaken individuals who are unlawfully incarcerated. In a country like the US which is no stranger to gun violence and racially motivated hate crimes, such a mechanism must be employed with the utmost diligence. This move is being welcomed by those who have been pushing for a more indiscriminate and inclusive framing of policies for taking people into custody.


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