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DDR5 RAM prices expected to drop swiftly.

DDR5 prices have been gradually declining because of depleting PC component demand in the current market. Industry experts and insiders believe the downward trend will continue into next year as well. In that case, the price difference between DDR4 and DDR5 will reduce substantially.

At the time of the launch of DDR5, there was a problem with high prices and the product’s limited availability. The supply problem has been resolved since then, but the prices see declined with scarcity in overall computer component demand.

The DigiTimes that the prices of DDR5 already dropped around twenty percent in July 2022 and is to continue on its downward trend as 2023 sets in. As of now the DRAM distributors and vendors are not willing to make any drastic reductions to DDR5 prices. The industry still warns that DDR5 prices will drop rapidly as 2022 rolls onwards.

When DDR5 was introduced, it was priced almost triple the cost of DDR4 and now it is almost double the price of its predecessor. Many believe the DDR5 prices will reach a sweet spot in 2023. This is great news for the consumers especially those that are assimilating a new rig with AMD Ryzen 7000 from Raptor Lake plus and Alder Lake CPU.

Of course, this is not something extraordinary. The same trend is repeated each time a new RAM is launched in the market. The same thing happened to DDR4 when DDR5 came in the market. Anyway, the RAM is generally extraordinarily priced and the cost then declines to a more palatable standard.


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