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Data Decryption Tool Released, But Ransomware Gang Vows to Continue Attacks.

As part of an international law enforcement effort, the US Justice Department (DOJ) claims that the FBI developed a decryption tool that enabled it to restore the data of over 500 ransomware victims. Additionally, it stated that the bureau had taken control of “several websites” run by the ALPHV/Blackcat ransomware group.

Bleeping Computer, however, claims that by this afternoon, Blackcat/ALPHV claimed to have taken back control of their website and that the FBI only possessed decryption keys for only 400 organizations, meaning that the data of over 3,000 victims is still encrypted. According to reports, the gang also declared that it would no longer prevent affiliates from assaulting hospitals and nuclear power stations with its ransomware software.

According to the Department of Justice, ALPHV/Blackcat has become the world’s second most active ransomware-as-a-service variant due to the substantial amounts, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, paid by victims globally in the last year and a half. According to its concept, affiliates locate targets, initiate attacks, and share the earnings with the gang, which is in charge of developing and maintaining the ransomware.

The group also took blame for a Reddit attack during the summer and demanded $4.5 million in return for the data, in addition to collecting data from Namco Bandai, a publisher of video games. The gang took credit for closing down multiple MGM Resorts casinos and hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the conclusion of the summer.

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