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DALL-E AI art generator is finally available.

DALL-E AI art generator made waves last year through its beta program. Starting from 28th September 2022, new users will no longer be put on a waitlist. Now anyone can use the DALL-E AI art generator to create AI art.

According to Open AI, more than 1.5 million people are already using DALL-E to create art. Artists, directors, authors, and hobbyists are generating more than 2 million images a day with DALL-E. The AI art generator also has a Discord server where 100,000+ people share their artwork daily.

DALL-E is the first publicly available AI art generator. Over time, DALL-E has improved and introduced new features. The Outpainting feature, for example, lets users expand upon an AI-produced drawing and also manipulate its size.

DALL-E also announced that it is now taking more precautious steps to ensure adherence to content policy. Now, there will be strong content moderation in the production of violent and sexual images.

Open AI also announced that it is working on the DALL-E API that will allow developers to create their own applications on top of DALL-E.

As a result of these developments, DALL-E is on its way to being the most widely used AI-art generator.

AI-generated art has sparked a huge debate across creative communities. Many people are questioning the definition of art and whether AI-generated images are art at all. However, the impact of DALL-E is undeniable. Metrics prove that a large number of people are using it to create art. The future of DALL-E looks promising, despite the criticism of AI-generated art.


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