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Coinbase introduces the Pro-Crypto Politician Identifier.

Coinbase hasn’t given up on talking politics. A platform for cryptocurrency, they have now launched a tool that updates users regarding where their political representative stands, when it comes to cryptocurrency. Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, posted about the move on Twitter.

He said that identifying pro-crypto politicians can help over 103 million verified users learn about what kind of positions political leaders hold when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Political Leaders And Their Stance On Cryptocurrency

Coinbase has done everything except outright banning debate when it comes to politics as well as social issues. They started this in 2020, at first among their employees. Such discussions were seen to be a distraction.

However, there is a minor caveat that needs to be mentioned. Armstrong was never opposed to discussing policies that were related to the mission of the company. On the 27th of September, 2020, Armstrong wrote a blog post, where he called Coinbase a company that was mission-driven.

From here, legislation when it comes to the crypto industry can also be discussed. At the moment, the crypto industry is in need of help. It hasn’t been a good year for Coinbase or its users. Coinbase users within the United States will find that there’s a section in their app, that’s dedicated to politics.

This is a feature that shows users how friendly different politicians are towards cryptocurrency. How they stack up will depend on a scorecard that has been created by Coinbase. Users can also register in order to vote, and they can also learn about the local events happening in their town hall.


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