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Coffin chairs made by Chairbox Design are ideal for jobs at a dead end.

If you are tired of your sedentary lifestyle and straining your back at your 9-to-5 desk jobs, there is great news for you. Chairbox Design, a British design studio has ingeniously combined comfortable ergonomics with a dark sense of humor to create chairs that resemble coffin boxes!

They are wooden-based and come in an array of colors from different shades of browns to grays. Though they are being promoted as artistic pieces than full-fledged products, the punchline is unmissable. If you are planning to let your job run you into the ground, there’s now the perfect seat for you to leave this world with!

The creator of the studio said that he got this idea when he wondered what would happen to employees who spend a huge part of the day sitting at their desks.

Studies have shown that desk jobs that require long hours of sitting without movement can run people to an early grave. The joke here is that if the person dies in the process of doing their job one day, they might as well be buried in this casket-shaped chair.

Other details about this coffin chair include that it comes with no cushioning but it can be added if you want. It may not be backrest-friendly but the wooden base reportedly provides sufficient backing.

Even if it has no actual utility, it represents the universal plight of office goers who at the behest of their companies are being forced to remain seated for long hours. Many employees have announced their thoughts and love for this chair on social media as they connect with the humorous but realistic message it embodies. The design is still in the ideation stage and is yet to be manufactured.


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