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Cloud Gaming is Ready to Take Off.

Cloud gaming has been rising in popularity lately and offering competition to other types such as video gaming, mobile gaming, and PC gaming. This is largely owing to the fact that cloud games offer the USP of a multifaceted approach to players who can access the game from all their gadgets as opposed to just one. P2E gaming has emerged as one of the most lucrative markets and subsectors of the gaming industry in recent times, especially in Asian and African regions. But if cloud games can have a mainstream breakthrough, they could overtake them in the coming years.

Why are cloud games so popular?

Experts cite a bunch of reasons as to why the world is taking so well to cloud gaming. For one, gamers are looking for innovative games without wanting to spend a lot of money on them. This is why cloud gaming is emerging as the underdog. It has an edge over games that are not only behind a paywall but cannot be played via several devices. Players are pushing for games where they need only a single-time payment to receive permanent multiplatform accessibility. It can be frustrating to have to jump through multiple paywalls every time you want to play the game you already paid for on a new device.

The second reason is that the pandemic has changed the global perspective of being entertained without leaving our homes. Just like a single OTT subscription giving us options to view our favorite shows from whatever gadget we’re on, the audience is demanding similar things from the gaming sector.

One thing that could be difficult in launching new cloud games initially is that it might take some time to earn a big reputation in the hearts of players. Netflix is used as an example of how one should not make the shift to cloud gaming. They tried to dabble in the field but the players do not recognize the platform as having authentic gaming value. As the sub-sector has still not peaked, it could fair well if it gets investment from countries around the world and truly takes off.


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