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ChatGPT integration in cars is a reality thanks to DS Automobiles. Here are the necessary details.

When ChatGPT was introduced last year, it quickly became the most well-liked AI chatbot on the planet. DS Automobiles, a Stellantis-owned business, has now achieved a new achievement in the field of artificial intelligence by combining ChatGPT with its vehicles. By doing this, DS Automobiles made history as the first automaker to incorporate AI chatbot commands into cars. In a news release announcing the accomplishment, Stellantis also mentioned the prerequisites for using the function. The ChatGPT will initially be made available to the first 20,000 individuals that register.

Stallantis disclosed that DS Automobiles has linked the ChatGPT AI chatbot with their automobiles, enabling consumers to receive precise and prompt responses. Similar to Alexa or Siri in cars, the AI chatbot operates similarly. For the first six months, the business will run a test program in which 20,000 registered users will have access.

These users must be driving one of the DS 3, DS 4, DS 7, or DS 9 models of vehicles equipped with an operational DS IRIS system. By pushing the designated button on the steering wheel, users will only need to say “OK IRIS” to communicate with the DS IRIS system.

If customers make a purchase on the aforementioned range of cars between October 19 and February 29, the first 20,000 registered users will receive six months of ChatGPT integration with the DS IRIS System at no additional cost. Users can get in touch with the DS Services Store to get the system activated. During the pilot phase, only European countries like France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy would have access to the integration. The functionality will be accessible in each of these nations’ native tongues.

Recall that the ChatGPT AI chatbot debuted in November of the previous year. It can now be used on both web versions and mobile apps.


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