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Canva Unveils Enterprise Tools to Supercharge Design Across Your Workforce.

Canva, an all-in-one visual communication platform, has shifted its focus from seeking to “empower every person to design” to helping organizations design after ten years. According to Canva Head of Product Robert Kawalsky, this means giving organizations the ability to empower every member of their workforce with the knowledge they have gained about Canva while still enabling them to do so in a way that satisfies all corporate regulations.

Given that teams at “95% of the Fortune 500 companies” currently use Canva, the transition to enterprise was somewhat inevitable. We are actually enabling them to do more now, according to Kawalsky, by providing them with all the features—from reporting to the essential security and compliance requirements to deploy Canva enterprise-wide to address some of the obvious pain points that people are facing today—that people have adopted purely out of a love for my product.

Currently, Canva generates over $2.3 billion in annualized revenue and has over 185 million monthly active users. While visual communication has never been more crucial, we are discovering that managing a company with so many tools and cutting-edge technologies, combined with the development of artificial intelligence, has actually made things quite hard. And we want to use a single platform to solve that,” he continued.

According to Kawalsky, the Canva enterprise package guarantees features like report administration, single sign-on, and team organization and management at the corporate level. We must make sure we check every box that needs to be checked. However, many of those encounters shouldn’t be forgotten. Therefore, they are essential to the way we conduct business.

With Canva’s whiteboarding capability, many big organizations are utilizing it as a tool for brainstorming. With AI, we can convert that idea into a lengthy paper that can be shared with the team with just one click. Features that combine the finest of AI, processes, and design for enterprise users were also mentioned by Kawalsky.

Canva classes, a way to track staff members’ development and upskill them all, are another new feature. According to Kawalsky, big businesses like FedEx that use Canva also require additional partners to be interested, which is why the Canva API enables users to create applications on top of and even integrate Canva with other apps. We can create applications to meet specific requirements if necessary.


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