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ByteDance Chinese Based Company launches new music streaming service in Brazil, Indonesia.

With its newest service, TikTok, which currently rules the short-video and social media markets, hopes to challenge Spotify and Apple Music.

A new subscription-only music streaming service dubbed “TikTok Music” is being introduced by the corporation in Brazil and Indonesia, according to a press release today. Users of TikTok Music can listen to, download, and share songs by connecting the service to their existing TikTok accounts. The site features the record collections of well-known labels like Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music.

You may listen to full versions of popular TikTok songs on TikTok Music, get personalized music recommendations, access lyrics in real time, make playlists with friends, import your music collection, and search for songs using lyrics. Additionally, the service has a Shazam-like capability that can recognize the music you’re listening to. Users of TikTok Music can download music for offline listening, similar to Spotify Premium. The program also has social components, as TikTok says that users can interact with other music fans and express themselves through comments.

A corporate representative was questioned about whether TikTok intended to introduce the streaming service in the United States and said that there was currently nothing to disclose. The spokesperson wrote in an email, “We are pleased about the prospects for TikTok Music for music fans, artists, and the industry, but we don’t have any further news to give on future plans.

Resso, the current streaming service offered by ByteDance, will cease operations in Brazil and Indonesia on September 5. Resso is also available in India, although TikTok hasn’t specified whether or when TikTok Music will be made available there.

In Brazil, a TikTok Music subscription costs $3.49 per month, whereas in Indonesia, it costs $3.25 for iOS users. Indonesian Android users will pay $2.96 per month for the first year, then $3.25. Despite not having a free membership option, TikTok Music does provide a free trial that lasts for one month.

“We are excited to debut TikTok Music, a brand-new service that fuses the strength of TikTok’s music discovery with a top-tier streaming experience. Ole Obermann, worldwide head of Music Business Development at TikTok, said in a statement that TikTok Music will make it simple for users in Indonesia and Brazil to save, download, and share their favorite viral music from TikTok.

The announcement made today shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially since ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, submitted a trademark registration to the USPTO in May 2022 for a service known as “TikTok Music.”

TikTok is already a well-liked platform for finding new music, and it frequently results in songs becoming more well-known after being featured in trends and viral videos. The business is in direct competition with Spotify, Apple, and Amazon by providing customers with a platform to listen to and discover music. It’s important to note that Spotify and Amazon Music both provide free, ad-supported memberships.

TikTok will need to provide customers with value while also offering an interface that is worth switching to in order to compete with well-known music streaming services. For instance, in Brazil and Indonesia, TikTok Music is just somewhat less expensive than Spotify Premium, so it might be challenging for the firm to persuade people to choose its service over a rival’s.

Despite the absence of any mention of podcast or radio content in today’s announcement, ByteDance’s trademark application from the previous year implied that the service might be used to “provide users with podcast and radio broadcast content.” TikTok Music would become an even greater rival to Apple Music and Spotify if it offered podcasts in addition to music.


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