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Buy Never Published Nintendo Games on eBay Today.

If you’re a fan of nostalgic Nintendo games, this is your chance to try two games that nobody has ever played before.

The Verge first published that two unreleased NES games have landed on the market through eBay. The news about the existence of these games was first made public through Frank Cifaldi, the founder, and co-director of the Video Game History Foundation. The foundation identifies, records, and writes about retro video games. Cifaldi posted on Twitter the previous day to talk about his findings, which he’s described as quite a remarkable discovery.

The game that was released, Battlefields of Napoleon, has come to the point in its development that it’s the finished box art, but it never saw the lighting of day in a retail store. Another game is more scarce. It’s a demonstration of the notorious Power Glove developed by Rare (yes, it’s true, they’re it’s Rare) and is one of the five available games that use the peripheral available (if you take into account both games Nintendo has announced, but did not release). Cifaldi is currently trying to raise money to be a winner in auctions to ensure that these rarely-seen games from the history of video games will be saved and their contents made available to the general public.

It’s even better; we’d suggest donating Cifaldi or the VGHF to help anyone who is genuinely knowledgeable about what they’re doing will be able to keep these bizarre artifacts of culture and communicate them to everyone else. If you’re interested in this, Cifaldi has asked that you join his DMs to “discuss the options for donations for those who reside in America.”


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