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Block WhatsApp Spam Instantly on Your Lock Screen (Here’s How).

WhatsApp rolls out its latest feature to let users block spam directly from their lock screens. With this upgrade, users will have more control over their messaging experience and will be able to combat the increasing prevalence of spam communications. Spam messages, which bombard users with unsolicited messages ranging from fraudulent schemes to promotional offers, have long been a problem for messaging networks like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp seeks to improve user security and privacy while promoting a more seamless messaging experience by enabling users to take action straight from their lock screens.

Users of WhatsApp may now recognize and block spam messages with this new function without having to unlock their handsets or use the app. Users may now long-press a spam mail notification to access a variety of alternatives, such as immediately blocking the sender. The notification shows up on the lock screen. There’s also an additional prompt from WhatsApp to report the contact.

Notably, whenever you receive a message from an unknown number, WhatsApp already displays a warning notice beneath the contact information. Options to add the contact, block it, report it, and block it come next. In addition to these direct alternatives, you have the option to block a contact in advance. Go to Settings > Privacy > Blocked contacts > Add > Search or choose the contact you want to ban from the More Options section of the Home screen.

On WhatsApp, users must register their phone numbers. Anyone who has access to your contact information on WhatsApp can message you. However, this has raised privacy issues. The company has apparently been working on a technique to allow connecting on the platform without exchanging phone numbers.

In the near future, WhatsApp will also enable cross-platform chatting, enabling users to communicate with one another on the messaging app from several platforms. On the main interface of the program, users will have access to a “Third Party Chats” area that will display messages received from other users on other platforms, keeping them apart from the in-app chats that are encrypted using WhatsApp’s E2EE technology.


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