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Biden Makes Another General Call to “Reform” the Most Important Law for the Internet.

In just a few weeks after the attack on the United States Capitol, Joe Biden came to power as the new President of the USA. A major part of the blame for the attack is given to various social media platforms that were used to radicalize the people.

Since then, the digital rights movement has become pivotal. An emerging need to control Big Tech and personal digital rights have been identified. Biden and Harris’s administration assures people they are working towards strict reforms in the digital policies.

A federal data protection law is yet to be added to the books. But the Federal Trade Commission is concentrating on safeguarding online data. Now the administration takes this issue seriously and is working to reduce breaches of data by telecommunication companies.

Biden held a meeting in the White House with field practitioners and experts to discuss issues like lack of digital transparency, algorithmic discrimination, and the spread of misinformation. One expert warned about the negative impact of large anti-competitive platforms on small businesses and the larger economy.

Stealing of personal data on a large scale by giant tech companies was also discussed. Social media platforms and other websites profit from using personal data. In order to gain user engagement, digital privacy is sacrificed.

In the industry experts further pointed out how digital algorithm discriminates against some communities. Predatory products are intentionally marketed toward specific demographics. Technology now plays a key role in home sales, credit offers, job openings, and critical opportunities. The platforms cannot be held accountable as they are not transparent with their algorithms.

Biden administration is working to promote some core digital rights reform before 2024.


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