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BeReal declines, Spotify adds audiobooks, and YouTube competes with TikTok.

The popularity of the apps worldwide can be understood from the fact that app spending touched 65 billion USD globally. There has been a marginal rise from the figure of 64.4 billion USD during the same time last year. It looks like there has been a bit of a slowdown after the pandemic.

However, there has been an overall growth in the app economy. There have been an unprecedented increase in consumer spending and downloads across Google Play Stores and iOS in 2021. Billions of apps were downloaded by consumers worldwide and global spending in these two stores touched 133 billion USD.

Rise of alternate networks

Today, it looks like major social networks are not enjoying the same kind of grip on the internet users’ youngest generation. In the month of August, we saw that even Facebook as started to lose its relevance and came down in the TopCharts of AppStore.

More young people seemed to be interested in apps, such as TikTok and BeReal. We all know how Facebook triggered the use and popularity of Instagram among the younger generations. There is scope for many other apps to rise in popularity apart from TikTok. The latter is perceived more as a preferred entertainment platform rather than connecting with the users’ close pals.

The rise of BeReal is evidence that alternative platforms, which give preference to real-world camaraderie can be still in demand. Today, the younger generation is dying to have room for themselves with their close pals outside the feeds of targeted adds and creator content.


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