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Before going on sale, Google’s new wired Nest doorbell will be found in stores.

Google is revealing some of its new products at the Google hardware event on October 6. Apart from revealing the Google Pixel 7 and the Pixel watch, the company expects to release the new Wired Nest doorbell at the event. Before its launch, a customer spotted the Google Wired Nest doorbell on a shelve at the Best Buy store. The customer wanted to buy the product but couldn’t because the product hasn’t yet officially been released.

According to the customer, the packaging of the Wired Nest doorbell was similar to the packaging of the battery version. The packaging had the word “second-generation” mentioned on it. In addition to this, the customer noticed that the price was $180 and comes in two colors – white and dark gray. In the future, the company can roll out the product in a few more colors as well. The one significant difference the packaging of the Wired doorbell has compared to the battery-powered doorbell is that the Wired one comes with a “Wired” identifier with a checker box.

The features of the wired doorbell include an HD video screen, 24/7 video streaming, and many others. It also lets the homeowner know who is at the door even if the homeowner is not present at the home. In comparison with the battery doorbell, the wired Nest doorbell is about 30% shorter in size but thicker than its counterpart.

In addition to the wired doorbell, the company is also planning to reveal an updated version of the wired doorbell which is the Nest Wifi Pro.


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