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Battery Health Indicator for Android Phones Finally Announced.

Mishaal Rahman, an Android expert for Android Authority, reported that Google might, at last, begin informing users when their Android phone’s battery has drowned. In contrast to iPhone users, who have long had access to their phone’s battery health statistics through settings, Android users presently require a third-party app or unique command codes in order to view their battery health.

The production date and cycle count of your battery are now displayed in this month’s Pixel Feature Drop, which has already included further battery information. However, Rahman notes that the Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2 introduces a hidden “battery health” page. Though code hints it may display data such as “estimated percentage of charge the battery can currently hold compared to when it was new,” the page does not yet have an actual battery health meter.

Rahman also discovered indications that appeared to indicate low battery capacity or an inability to recognize the battery. He adds that anytime there are any updates about battery health—that is, if your phone cannot identify your battery or if its health has declined—the Settings app will send you “tips.”

Since iPhone owners have had access to battery health information for years, an indicator of battery health may seem like a fairly basic feature to them. However, it’s encouraging to see that Android users may now be able to access one directly from the Settings app, especially since genuine repair parts (including batteries) and self-repair guides are becoming more widely available.

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