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Augmented Working: The Future of Work in a Digital Age.

As we move further into the digital age, how we work is also undergoing a significant transformation. Most people will work alongside robots and intelligent machines by 2023, which were developed to help people complete their tasks more efficiently. The workplace as we know it is about to undergo a revolution because of this new paradigm known as augmented working.

A wide range of technologies and methods that improve human performance, productivity, and creativity are included in augmented working. The following are some of the most well-known instances of augmented working:

Smartphones and tablets are increasingly used in the retail and industrial sectors to give employees instant access to data and analytics tools. They can make better decisions, work with colleagues more successfully, and react swiftly to changing circumstances.

Headgear for augmented reality (AR) Digital information is projected over the surroundings using headgear with AR capabilities, giving workers direction and feedback in real-time. This can be especially helpful in manufacturing, construction, and healthcare, where workers must rapidly and effectively access vital information.

AI-powered virtual assistants are becoming more and more ubiquitous in the workplace. These assistants employ AI to react to questions quickly and automatically suggest an alternative, more efficient ways to do tasks. These helpers can increase productivity, decrease errors, and save time for workers.

These are only a few examples of augmented working; other examples include wearables, drones, and robots, all intended to supplement human capabilities and increase productivity. Instead of replacing people with robots, augmented working aims to improve teamwork and productivity in the workplace.

However, the adoption of augmented working also brings up several issues, including employment displacement, privacy, and security. To create a sustainable and inclusive future of work, it is crucial to approach augmented working with caution and moderation.

To sum up, augmented working is expected to change how we work by enhancing our productivity, effectiveness, and creativity. We may open up new possibilities and promote creativity at work by embracing this new paradigm. Nevertheless, we also need to consider the possible dangers and difficulties that come with these technologies and fight to develop a more equal and balanced future of employment.


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