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As supply chain frustrations grow, a new version of the Raspberry Pi OS is released.

An announcement from the Raspberry Pi Foundation revealed that the Raspberry PI OS was being released. Simon Long, the UX engineer for Raspberry Pi revealed this information through a blog post. He also added that there wasn’t a lot that was new, with the new version.

Long said that the release mostly focused on wrapping up various bug fixes. He also said that there were some tweaks added, when it came to the user experience as well.

People interested in upgrading it or downloading it will need to use a special installer, which can be found on their download page.

Networking Improvements For Raspberry Pi

There is also another major change users should know about. And that is the networking client dhcpcd has now been replaced with the Network Manager.

Users need a networking connection to be able to use either program. However, the Network Manager is better when it comes to connecting to WiFi networks that are hidden. These are the WiFi networks that aren’t broadcasted with an SSID. This is considered important and many users of Raspberry Pi are likely to use the WiFi to connect.

Long said that various distributions of Linux have already changed over to the NetworkManager, making it the standard. This latest update is expected to appeal to the existing users of Raspberry Pi. However, it seems that coming across new units is difficult.

The computer industry has been plagued by supply chain issues since the pandemic, and Raspberry Pi is no exception.


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