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Arçelik leading appliance innovation through sustainability.

Arçelik is among the leading manufacturers of household appliances, globally. It also is the parent firm of some of the best brands in Europe, like Grundig, and Beko. In his presentation at IFA 2022, Mr. Hakan Bulguru persuaded businesses to consider innovation with sustainability. It was quite clear that Arçelik is driving sustainability in all their product manufacturing and innovations.

According to statistics, around 40 percent of worldwide electricity is consumed by air conditioners, lighting, electric motors, and refrigeration, which is huge! The launch of Arçelik’s latest innovation, Beko SaveWater technology, consists of a tumble dryer/washing machine and a dishwasher.

In contrast to other Beko dishwashers without this technology, with similar energy capacities and levels, the water required for this dishwasher for a full load is just 6.9 liters! This amazing feature ensures hygienic storage of water of the machine’s last rinse in the cycle, safely in a specially created water tank in the machine for re-use. The water saved by a household using this Eco technology is about 2.6 liters! This theme of reusing water is also applicable in the Beko tumble dryer/washing machine duo, where the tumble dryer can collect water up to 5.2 liters for reuse in the washing machine.

This innovation displayed at the IFA 2022 is quite ingenious, and it won an award in the TechRadar IFA Awards for Best Large Appliance. The team at Arçelik has a business model and strategy that is focused on the importance of sustainability. For example, by 2050 the company aims at increasing the recycled plastic content in all their products to 40%. Around €93 million has been invested by Arçelik into R&D. In addition to addressing the requirements of the planet, they will continue listening to consumers, in all their future innovative ventures.


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