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Apple’s AI Plans Revealed Soon: Tim Cook Hints at Exciting Developments.

Apple may make its plans for artificial intelligence (AI) public sooner than anticipated. It was anticipated that the massive tech company headquartered in Cupertino would reveal the AI features it is developing on June 10 at its Worldwide Developers Conference. Nevertheless, according to a rumour, CEO Tim Cook has reportedly stated that people may soon receive access to knowledge concerning generative AI. There is a remote chance that Apple will reveal some of the innovations it will be releasing later this year at its Let Loose event on May 7.

Cook made the remarks during the company’s quarterly results call, per a report by CRN. According to reports, Apple’s income decreased by 4% on an annual basis, reaching $90.8 billion. Cook opened the call by saying, “We continue to feel very bullish about our opportunity in generative AI. We are making significant investments, and we’re looking forward to sharing some very exciting things with our customers very soon.” Cook was speaking to the stakeholders.

The iPhone manufacturer’s plans to capitalise on the AI trend are made clear by this declaration. The CEO of Apple also emphasised how the company’s advancements in processor and neural engine technology gave it a competitive edge over rivals when it came to incorporating the technology into their products. Additionally, it is said that he mentioned the “unwavering focus on privacy,” suggesting that the AI functions will probably be run on the device.

Apple’s AI aspirations have garnered media attention on several occasions in the past few months. The business has purchased at least two distinct AI-related businesses, Darwin AI and Datakalab. In addition, researchers working for the tech giant have published a number of articles on AI models that include multimodal capabilities, on-device operations, and computer vision.

Moreover, some of the AI-powered features users may encounter later this year have been hinted at in earlier reports. Due to rumours of an “Intelligent Search” function that will summarise articles and opened web pages, the Safari browser is anticipated to be crucial. According to user preferences, a new AI-powered web eraser tool has also emerged that can remove additional items like banner ads from a website. It is anticipated that Apple will demonstrate these improvements at WWDC 24 when it releases macOS 15 and iOS 18.


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