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Apple Will Use US-Made chips from the New Arizona Fab, Says Tim Cook.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has increased the frenzy as if TSMC’s enormous new Arizona fab wasn’t already (literally) ground-breaking enough. During a factory announcement on Tuesday, Cook revealed that Apple would start utilizing chips made in the desert state.
This week, Cook and Joe Biden were present to commemorate the company’s upcoming contribution to US chip manufacturing. Cook revealed that once the factory began producing chips, Apple would switch from imported chips to those created in Arizona. CNBC first reported this revelation. Now that so many people have worked hard, these chips may proudly bear the label “Made in America,” according to Cook. This is a significant time in history.

Given recent rumors, Apple’s involvement with the new manufacturing shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Since TSMC supplies Apple with all of its chips, the semiconductor company’s decision to open a second facility in Arizona rapidly presented a valuable opportunity for Apple. The fab gives Apple the potential to demonstrate that it is committed to domestic sourcing components and generating jobs here in the United States. It will begin with its 4nm chips and later include 3nm.

However, the US has demonstrated its dedication to homegrown chip production. Most chips come from Taiwan, which recently engaged in trade disputes with China. Aside from other adverse economic effects, Taiwanese imports also prevent the establishment and security of manufacturing jobs in the US. Even if it begins at a lower scale than some would wish, Apple’s interest in domestically produced chips may be suitable for local manufacturing.


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