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Apple Watch X to Come With New Latest Design and Biggest Upgrades Yet.

Apple’s 9th generation of smartwatches is about to go on sale. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the Series 9 may be the least significant change in the history of the product.

A faster chipset and a new palette of colours will be featured in the next Apple Watches; however, these changes are still somewhat minor. Upgrades to the most recent models are no longer necessary if you currently own a 2022 watch.

This repeated pattern has apparently spurred Apple to hold serious internal discussions about the extension of Watch generations, a plan that involves more significant upgrades occurring more frequently between upgrades.

It’s likely that Apple will stick with its yearly release schedule, focusing more on luring customers away from other smartwatch companies than on enticing current Apple Watch owners to upgrade frequently.

Apple plans to call the upcoming 10th generation the “Watch X” when it launches, which is predictable given its impending arrival. Gurman claims that the Watch X will be the most significant upgrade in the history of the Apple Watch, as opposed to the Series 9.

This is consistent with watchOS 10, Apple’s radical redesign of its wrist-worn operating system. But it’s important to remember that watchOS 10 will be made available for older watch models as well, so it won’t just be a feature for the 2024 generation.

Apple is actively working to make the Watch X’s case thinner while also delivering a revolutionary method for attaching wristbands that differs from their previous concept.

According to rumours from within, the existing band connection technique takes up too much room that could have held a bigger battery. Despite being under discussion, a magnetic attachment method could not be ready for deployment in the coming year.

With the Watch Series 5, Apple introduced LTPO displays, and it is now prepared for the next evolutionary step: microLED displays. Additionally, the Cupertino behemoth has spent years developing a blood pressure sensor, and it seems that this prolonged effort may provide results in time for a 2024 reveal.


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