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Apple Watch Ultra: 60 Hours of Battery Life Guaranted.

Apple Watch Ultra variants have recently added new settings for low power, which can prolong battery time to 60 hours with just one charge. This is what Apple describes as “multi-day adventure battery life.”

When Apple unveiled its Apple Watch Ultra in September, One of the advantages was that it had the longest battery time of all Apple Watches, capable of being able to last a 36-hour mark during normal usage. Since the previous Apple Watch Series models have been the only models to offer an 18-hour all-day battery time in everyday use, in this case, this is quite a significant announcement.

WatchOS 9 introduced the low-power mode feature to Apple Watch Series 4 and later versions, providing up to 36-hour battery life. In addition, apple has promised to add more low-power options to the Apple Watch Ultra; this helps to increase the life of batteries and make it possible to run up to 60 hours.

Since then, Apple has released watchOS 9.1, and the company has kept its word by allowing users to get more value from their watches.

To extend battery longevity, Ultra models should first be equipped with workout settings to reduce Heart rate or GPS reads. For example, during running, walking, or hiking, reduce frequencies of GPS as well as heart rate measurements (heart rate measurements are cut down to once every minute, and GPS readings are cut down to once twice every 2 minutes) and remove alerts as well splits and segments. Unfortunately, you’ll have to enable Low Power Mode to enjoy all sixty hours of battery life.

By following these steps, you can get maximum battery timings for your smartwatch.


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