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Apple Wallet expands its Support for storing your IDs to finally another US state.

iPhone as well as Apple Watch users from Colorado are able to now save their driver’s license and state IDs within the Apple Wallet application. The feature was first made public by Apple in 2021, but it was postponed until 2022. Since that time, it’s been slowly expanding to various countries throughout the US.

When it first was announced by Apple in the beginning, the function was promoted as the ultimate feature the Wallet application needed to enable users of being “fully free of your physical wallet” The first group of states that signed up to use the feature included Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah. At present, the two states that have signed up for the feature are Arizona and Maryland, and Maryland. 

The expansion to Colorado has been made public in the State’s Department of Revenue. You can now upload your Colorado driver’s ID or license to your Wallet App on your iPhone or Apple Watch and then utilize it to access it when you go through “select TSA checkpoints” at airports that are participating.

Colorado Department of Revenue highlights the advantages of using this feature that is new:

Presenting your ID at the appropriate TSA checkpoints is now easy. It’s as simple as placing your device in front of the identification reader, and confirming the details asked for, and then you’re completed.

The physical act of handing in your driver’s license or ID card is no longer a requirement. Your data is electronically transmitted to the reader for identification which means you don’t have to present or give away your device.

If your iPhone or Apple Watch is misplaced or lost, you can access your driver’s license, state ID or even your driver’s license through Apple Wallet with the Find My application. On any device, log into the iCloud account to remove your ID, deactivate it, or even activate it again once the device is returned.

In the end, it’s great to observe another state signing on to support the storage of IDs within the Wallet application on Apple Watch and iPhone. However, it’s still a very early stage in the process and the use cases are quite restricted at present. We’re still a long way from being able to remove our physical wallets to use Apple Wallet for everything.


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