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Apple Stresses Suppliers to Address Environmental Impact Ahead of 2030 Carbon Neutral Goal.

Apple called upon its suppliers to address their greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonize.
The company released a statement saying that it will evaluate the work of its manufacturing partners and encourage them to use 100% renewable energy and decarbonize Apple-related operations. The  Progress will be tracked and reviewed each year. Apple stated that it will work with suppliers who “work with urgency and make measurable progress towards decarbonization.”

It also encourages manufacturers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by providing them with a variety of E-learning resources and Live Course Offers and training as part of the Clean Energy Program.
Apple has been carbon-neutral in all its operations since 2020. However, the company has set a long-term goal to be carbon neutral through its global supply chain as well as throughout each product’s lifecycle by 2030. It has reduced its carbon emissions by 40% since 2015, primarily due to energy efficiency and low-carbon design improvements. The company also shifts the supply chain to renewable electricity.
More than 200 suppliers representing over 70% of Apple’s direct manufacturing spending have already pledged to use clean energy, such as wind or solar, in all Apple manufacturing, including Corning Incorporated and Nitto Denko Corporation.
Apple also announced new initiatives to decarbonize the world economy and promote climate-focused solutions. These include partnerships to support companies’ transition to clean energy and investments in European large-scale solar and wind farm projects. Restore Fund- Projects that promote natural CO2 reduction and generate financial returns.

Surely, it is a great step towards maintaining Carbon zero atmosphere.


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