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Apple may launch the “largest” MacBook Air in 2023.

A larger 15-inch MacBook Air that would coexist with the existing 13-inch model has long been rumored to come from Apple. And the launch of the purportedly larger MacBook Air appears to be drawing nearer, according to Display Supply Chain Consultants analyst Ross Young, who predicts that production of the 15-inch panel for the upcoming MacBook Air will start in the first quarter of 2023, with a launch anticipated for later in the spring.

We have heard a lot about the 15-inch MacBook Air before. Ross Young stated that Apple intends to release a larger variant of the MacBook Air with a screen of roughly 15 inches. The rumors have been circulating since 2021. Young now proposes that the screen would be 15.5 inches in size.

This would be the biggest MacBook Air ever made by Apple.
If this is the case, Apple will again offer the MacBook Air in two sizes. Apple used to provide two versions of the MacBook Air—11 inches and 13 inches—but it dropped the smaller model and now offers only one size to streamline the selection. In light of this, Apple may now offer two sizes: 13.6 inches and 15.5 inches.

The 15-inch MacBook Air, described by Bloomberg as a “wider version of the 13.6-inch MacBook Air,” was expected to debut at WWDC this year alongside the updated M2-powered MacBook Air. However, because that did not occur, we can anticipate its launch at WWDC 2023, especially as Young predicts a spring launch.

Possible rebranding of the 15-inch MacBook Air
Earlier this year, Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the manufacture of the aforementioned 15-inch MacBook Air would start in late 2023 and that, despite having a larger display, the larger MacBook Air might use the same 30W power adaptor as the 13-inch model. The 15-inch MacBook Air won’t be referred to as a “MacBook Air.”


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