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Apple Foldable Phone Launch Reportedly Pushed Back to Q1 2027.

Apple is rumoured to be developing a range of foldable electronics. The Cupertino, California-based business has not disclosed its plans for foldables, but according to recent reports and filed patents, it is developing a foldable iPad, iPhone, and large-display gadget that is rumoured to be a MacBook. A report from earlier this month said that the first foldable iPhone would appear in 2026. According to a recent claim, Apple may have postponed the release of its first foldable phone until early in 2027.

The foldable iPhone will likely be released in the first quarter of 2027, according to a fresh rumour from Korean outlet AlphaBiz, which had earlier stated that the smartphone will probably be delivered in late 2026. The story stated that supply and demand issues had caused Apple to postpone its plans for a foldable phone, citing an official acquainted with the company’s internal planning.

The insider cited, “I have come to understand that Apple intends to launch the foldable iPhone a little later than anticipated, having fully planned for every eventuality, including the supply and demand of foldable screens.” The foldable Apple phone is now expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2027, instead of the fourth quarter of 2026, as previously stated.

However, the source said they expected the process of selecting suppliers for the device’s componentry—such as foldable displays—to proceed as planned.

Earlier this month, the same publication quoted a senior Apple official to confirm the release of the foldable iPhone in 2026. “We know that cutting-edge technologies will be concentrated because it is a later release than its competitors,” the official was cited as stating at the time.

The official claims that a foldable iPhone will be lighter and smaller than competing models, with a special focus on preventing creases in the folding screen. Reports indicate that Apple has filed a patent application for a method that minimizes creases and wrinkles along the display’s folding axis.

Even though Apple is trailing competitors Samsung and Google in the product category, the corporation has not yet disclosed its plans for a foldable tablet. While Google debuted the Pixel Fold last year and is rumoured to be developing a second-generation Pixel foldable, Samsung has delivered five generations of both clamshell and book-style folding phones.

The unpredictability of Apple’s plans for the foldable device segment has been exacerbated by conflicting and shifting stories. It has been widely rumoured that the corporation is developing an iPad that folds. Earlier this month, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that the company’s first foldable device will be a 20.3-inch MacBook, anticipated to enter mass production in 2027.

On the Chinese social media platform Weibo, a tipster stated last month that Apple had put a stop to work on the foldable iPhone due to problems with the folding display.


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