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Apple and Google Photos Memories can help you cherish the moment: Here is How.

If you consider how many images and videos we are loading onto our smartphones each day, it’s not a surprise that there’s very little time to go through and find special occasions or specific highlights. That’s why apps that store photos have begun to curate the pictures for us.

Google Photos and Apple Photos have ever-changing methods of displaying images from the past. A particular scene, a memorable smile by your children, or a shot of your pet’s photo. Most of these functions are automated, but there are ways to modify how they work and gain more control of the digital memory of our lives.

Apple Photos

If you’re running iOS 14, Apple’s Memories feature implementation is less granular than those provided by the other companies listed here. But the situation will change once you move to iOS 15 later this year.

IOS 14

Suppose Photos confront you with an image you’d rather not have. In that case, you can press the photo or video and then click on the “Suggest fewer Memories like this” button beneath the image… and hope for the best since iOS 14 does not provide the option to block specific individuals or dates from the Memories feature. The upcoming iOS 15 operating system includes displaying the person you’re looking for less frequently in Memories or removing that individual completely.

IOS 15

Within the Photos app, tap the Albums icon at the bottom of the screen and click on People (under “People and Locations”). Select the person’s memories you wish to alter.

Google Photos

Its Memories feature Google introduced in Google Photos during the year 2019. It can also be used to modify the photos of you as well as dates in notifications of events from the past that pop up in its mobile apps. The Photos web app does not offer these options because it doesn’t send notifications directly to your device.

For certain Memories, such as the ones with cinematics You’ll be able to save the work to your library. There could also be an option to printing options that will link to physical items. There’s always the option to send Memories with others by clicking on the Share button. There’s also an option to add a Favorite star in case you’d like to search for things again in the future.

Of course, there are some photos of places you’d instead not be reminded of. In this case, please use the hide feature to hide your private photos from popping up in your memories.

Please share your experience with Google and Apple photos and memories and leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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