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Another Microsoft Surface tablet is claimed by football.

Soon after last week’s surface tablet smacking incident by Tom Brady, we have another one. This time, the coach of the Buffalo Bills team – Mr. Ken Dorsey pulled off a “Tom Brady” move. On the 26th Sep afternoon, Buffalo Bills were competing against the Miami Dolphins. It was a tight match and both the teams were at each other’s throats till the very end.

During the last few seconds, the Bills only had to secure another play, but unfortunately, time ran out. The Buffalo Bills lost the match to the Miami Dolphins with a score of 19-21. This clearly had an intense impact on Mr. Dorsey as he immediately threw his headset & his hat. He went on to fiercely smash his tablet on his desk.

We saw a similar incident last week during the football game between Tampa Bay Buccaneers & New Orleans Saints. This is where Tom Brady smacked his Microsoft Surface tablet for the second time after an incomplete pass by one of his team members. After this mishap, the chief of Microsoft Surface tablet – Mr. Panos Panay reacted on Instagram. He sent out an Instagram video, saying that the tablet could have easily handled the torture and would be still working. It should be noted that the partnership between Microsoft & NFL began in 2014. The objective was to ditch paper & review players from the sidelines using digital technology. Since that time, there have been several cases of tablet abuse by quarterbacks & coaches. Let’s hope Microsoft comes out with some form of shock-absorbing technology for their upcoming Surface tablets!


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