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Android 15 Expected to Upgrade Volume Panel Design and Add New Features.

The volume panel may get a significant cosmetic makeover with Android 15, as per a recent report. Though the next version of the Android operating system won’t be released for some months, some of its new features have already surfaced in leaks. According to a recent source, rather than completely removing an app from their smartphone, users of Android 15 will be able to archive it to save up space. There is a new report stating that Google’s Material You design language may eventually be included in the volume panel.

As per a report by Android Authority tipper Mishaal Rahman, Android 15 may carry on the endeavour of aligning every aspect of smartphones with the Material You principles. Since the release of Android 12 in 2021, Google has been incorporating the new design language into a variety of apps and features. The volume panel is the most recent to get its components, according to the study.

When the volume button is hit, a bottom sheet appears in some sections of the current volume panel. But the present layout has tiny sliders for the audio streams of media, call, ring, notification, and alarm. In addition, there is a header titled “Sound & Vibration,” icons next to the slider, and the stream name above the slider.

The report claims that the volume panel’s makeover significantly modifies the sliders. These were discovered in the most recent version of the Android 15 Developer Preview 2, although beta testers have not yet been able to access them. The new sliders have a pill-like form and are thicker. The media slider has an icon and audio stream text inside it, and when the button next to it is tapped, the entire panel collapses into a single row. Re-tapping it brings up a view that is fully expanded.

According to the shared image, a permanent audio output switcher icon has taken the place of the top label, which has also vanished. The indicator indicates that the audio is being played through the device itself and is visible even if it is not being played through an external speaker. The report also made note of the fact that the text moves to maintain visibility even when the stream volume is changed. Although Google hasn’t formally included it in the OS yet, the revamped volume panel may be pre-installed with the stable Android 15 version.


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