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Amazon to Fire Over 18,000 Employees: A Big Shock for the Employees.

Amazon has stated its intention to let go of more than 18,000 employees. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy made this announcement on his blog after it had previously circulated among staff members. According to Jassy, this choice was made because the business has hired people quickly throughout the years.

The CEO had then said there would be additional Amazon layoffs in 2023 even though the company had already revealed its decision to terminate a few employees in November 2022.

As part of our efforts to assist those impacted, we are offering packages that include a separation payment, temporary health insurance coverage, and outside job placement support, stated Jassy.

Additionally, he stated that this choice was made public since one of the colleagues had previously divulged this information. Normally, we hold off on discussing these results until we can get in touch with the folks most impacted. But since one of our team members released this information to the outside world, we decided it would be preferable to break the news early so you could hear the specifics from me. Starting on January 18, we plan to speak with affected employees (or, if applicable, European representative bodies).

In November of last year, the company made a voluntary reduction offer for some employees in the people, experience, and technology (PXT) department, along with eliminating roles across its devices and books businesses. Jassy has declared that all PXT and Amazon Store employees would lose their jobs.


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