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Amazon Echo Auto 2: Potential reasons to buy.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Amazon unveiled a brand-new iteration of the Echo Auto, one of the few options to communicate with Alexa while driving. With its brand-new look, technological advancements, and functionality, the Echo Auto 2 makes Alexa even more practical when driving.

We had a great time using the Echo Auto 2, which is unquestionably a significant improvement over its predecessor. Should you, genuinely purchase one now? If you currently own the original Echo Auto and are considering upgrading, the answer to that question is particularly crucial. Here are five justifications for purchasing the Echo Auto 2 and three against doing so.

The new little style
The new Echo Auto 2’s completely redesigned exterior is its most striking feature. The whole system is more minor, and two key components have been divided into separate microphone and speaker modules, helping to reduce their total footprint in your car.

That stands in stark contrast to the original Echo Auto, which was confined and resembled a (very thick) credit card in terms of size. Because of its size—3.3 x 1.9 x 0.5 inches—was rather noticeable. The microphone, which measures 2.05 by 0.91 by 0.6 inches, will be the main component on show. The speaker module, which can be concealed, has dimensions of 23.24 x 1.38 x 0.55 inches.

Better microphones are available.
While the Echo Auto 2 only has five microphones, the original Echo Auto had eight to help it pick up your spoken commands. Despite what could sound like a downgrade, these new mics are a big upgrade. In our testing, we discovered that they were quite good at understanding voice commands, even when there was background noise from the radio, air conditioner, or the outside road.

We discovered that even when the windows were open and we were traveling at 70 mph on the interstate, the Echo Auto 2 could still hear what you were saying. Naturally, this significantly impacts call quality, and in our experience, the new Echo Auto provided calls that sounded better than the in-car system.

Older cars can be upgraded with smart features.
Modern vehicles are equipped with many practical amenities and technology, including Bluetooth audio, video, and touchscreen infotainment systems. The Echo Auto 2 is an excellent option to enhance your vehicle without spending much money if you have an older car missing these features. Of course, access to Alexa is one of many benefits.

The Echo Auto 2 can serve as a middleman, for instance, if your automobile lacks Bluetooth. It can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and send your phone’s audio to the sound system in your car because it contains a 3.5mm headphone socket, something many contemporary phones do not have.

Similarly, Auto Mode provides a distraction-free phone interface that gives you access to vital apps in the event your vehicle does not support Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. To use it safely, you’ll need to get one of the best phone mounts. Additionally, the 12V converter provides a second USB-C quick charging connector to prevent your phone from dying while driving.


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