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All You Want to Know that How to Use Widgets in Windows 11.

How to use widgets in Windows 11 is covered in this article. Widgets display dynamic content directly on the taskbar.
Widgets in Windows 11:
To view widgets for the weather, calendar, Microsoft To-Do tasks, news, stocks, and other items without launching the programs, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your Microsoft account to use the Widgets board.
  2. Open the widgets board.
  3. On Windows 11, you can display the widgets panel in three different ways.
  4. Press Win + W. Choosing the widget icon on the taskbar’s left side (often represented by a weather widget icon).
  5. Swipe left on touchscreens to reveal the widgets panel. Depending on the widget’s data, you can take action. For instance, you can check completed activities without accessing the main program by using the Microsoft To-Do widget.
  6. Select the widget’s title to launch the widget’s app or source website in Microsoft Edge.
  7. To see the service that powers the information on the widget, open the widget’s menu from More Options (three dots) in the top-right corner and choose the Powered by message.
  8. Tap anywhere outside the widgets board to close it, or press Win + W again to close the widgets panel.
Widget Configuration in Windows 11.
By default, Windows shows a few widgets. The widgets board can be customized by adding new widgets you need and eliminating those you don’t. Start by clicking the taskbar icon or the shortcut key to access the widgets panel.

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