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All about threads: Major Update, Twitter Employees Praise and Instagram’s Committement.

Instagram’s Threads app is getting a major update that will allow users to edit their posts, use hashtags, and more. The update is currently in testing phase and is expected to be rolled out to all users soon.

Users of the separate Instagram app Threads can share pictures and videos with their close friends. Compared to the primary Instagram app, this one is made for more informal chats.

A variety of features that were previously absent from Threads will be added in the next release. The ability to modify posts, add hashtags, and respond to comments has now been added. They will also be able to see who has saved and seen their posts.

The upgrade will improve Threads’ integration with the main Instagram app in addition to adding new capabilities. Now, users can deactivate their Threads account and keep their Instagram account.

The Threads upgrade demonstrates Instagram’s increased commitment to the application. Since its release in 2018, Threads has been steadily gaining users, and the additional features are likely to increase that attractiveness.

Some Twitter staff members believe Threads is better than Twitter.

Some Twitter employees think that Instagram’s standalone messaging programme, Threads, is superior to Twitter.

The staff members said that Threads is more user-friendly and simpler to use than Twitter while speaking to The Verge under the condition of anonymity. They added that Threads places more of an emphasis on communicating with close friends—something Twitter has struggled with lately.

Threads, according to one employee, “feel like what Twitter was supposed to be.” Threads, according to another, are “the future of Twitter.”

Twitter has not responded to the remarks made by the employees. However, the business has just started making some improvements to Threads, indicating that it is treating the app with more respect.

Twitter made it possible to post images and videos in threads in May. Additionally, the business introduced a brand-new function called “Threads Explore” that enables users to find other Threads users.

We’ll have to wait and see if Threads can unseat Twitter as the undisputed leader in social networking. The popularity of the app among Twitter employees, though, raises the possibility that it will be a hit.

Users may soon be able to delete their Threads accounts and keep their Instagram accounts.

Instagram is reportedly developing a new tool that would allow users to delete their Threads accounts without losing their Instagram accounts.

Instagram released the standalone messaging app Threads in 2018. Users of the programme can communicate directly with their close friends.

Currently, when a user deletes their Threads account, their Instagram account is also lost. This is due to the user’s Instagram account being connected to Threads.

Users will be able to deactivate their Threads account via the new tool without losing their Instagram account. Users will be able to try out Threads more easily without having to worry about losing access to their primary Instagram account.

When the new function will be released is currently unknown. However, it demonstrates Instagram’s commitment to improving Threads as a user choice.

These upgrades are often good news for Threads. The app will soon have some much-needed improvements that will increase user attractiveness. Watching Threads’ performance over the upcoming weeks and months will be interesting.


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