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All About ATMs: How They Work and Identify Your Requested Amount.

Automated teller machines, or ATMs, have firmly established themselves in our daily lives. They are practical and simple-to-use devices that let us access our bank accounts, make cash withdrawals, and carry out different financial operations. In this blog, we will explore how ATMs work and how they identify the requested amount.

What is an ATM?

Customers can do self-service transactions using an ATM, computerized machine banks, and other financial institutions. Basic banking services can now be obtained online, saving time and allowing accessibility around the clock.

How do ATMs operate?

Card Insertion

Put your bank card in the ATM’s card slot first. Your account number and other security information are encoded on the card.

PIN Entry

The ATM will ask you to input your Personal Identification Number (PIN) after you have entered your card. This increases security further by ensuring that only people with permission can access the account.


The ATM establishes a secure connection with your bank’s computer system or a payment network. The ATM can access your account information and conduct transactions thanks to this 1link.

Menu selection

The ATM displays a menu of available services on the screen following successful authentication. These services could include bill payments, cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, etc.

Amount Selection

The amount you desire to withdraw must be entered to make a cash withdrawal. The ATM checks to see if the requested amount is within your account’s available balance.


The ATM connects to your bank’s computer system to determine whether you have requested money to complete the requested transaction. This entails a procedure of immediate inquiry and confirmation.

Dispensing Cash

The ATM will distribute the specified amount in cash if the transaction is accepted in the form of bank notes. Based on the choices, it determines and distributes the proper denominations.

Receipt Generation

The ATM allows you to print a receipt after the transaction is complete. The transaction amount, available balance, and any fees that may apply are all included in this receipt.

Card Retrieval

After your transaction is complete, the ATM will retrieve your bank card. To stop illegal access to your account, it is essential to remember to get your card.

How does an ATM identify the requested amount?

ATMs use information from your bank and the transaction details you submit to determine the requested amount. The ATM asks your bank’s computer system to check the balance in your account when you enter the withdrawal amount. Depending on the account balance and any withdrawal limits you or the bank set, the bank’s system will decide whether to approve or reject the transaction.

ATMs give us quick access to our bank accounts and various financial services. They are reliable and safe gadgets. They link to your bank, confirm your identification, and carry out the desired transactions to function. The real-time communication between the ATM and the computer system at your bank allows the ATM to recognize the desired amount. ATMs have entirely changed how we manage financial transactions thanks to their convenience and user-friendly design.


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