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Airplane Mode on smartphones: How this feature may become ‘obsolete’ in near future.

Airplane Mode is a standard feature in every smartphone and is typically used during travel. But, this feature is likely to disappear in the near future in European Union (EU) soon. Beginning in 2023, The EU regulation body European Commission expected that airline passengers could make calls flying. The latest EU decision allows airlines to provide 5G service. But it’s important to remember that some airlines already provide passengers with free or paid Wi-Fi on the flight.

The new EU rule could allow 5G to be utilized on planes

The new EU regulation states that passengers on airlines can stream videos, music, and apps and make phone calls from aircraft fitted with 5G. EU states will be required to allow 5G technology to airlines before June 30th, 2023.

As per a story published by Gizmodo, The EU Commission of the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, has stated in an announcement that 5G services provided to airlines won’t just “enable innovative services for people” but also assist European businesses to expand.

How will this technology function?

The report states that airlines will utilize special equipment for network connections called ‘picocell for routing calls, texts, data, and even calls through a satellite network connecting an aircraft with a mobile network.

The report also states that the head of the UK Flight Safety Committee, Dai Whittingham claimed that cell phone use on planes was banned because of the absence of information regarding how it could affect the aircraft.

Does 5G interference pose a problem for services offered in flight?

5G interference to navigators’ systems has caused significant concern within the US. But Whittingham has added that these concerns aren’t present in the UK and the EU.

Whittingham pointed out she noted that Europe has a distinct frequency set for 5G. Additionally, the power settings that are used within EU countries are less than those used to be used in the US. The minister also said that regulators would define the steps required to ensure the safety of using 5G in aircraft.


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