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AI -powered smart toys are coming: How to keep your kids safe.

Smart toys are becoming increasingly popular, with many parents seeing them as a way to entertain their children and help them learn. However, there are some worries regarding the security of these toys as well, particularly as they become more web-connected.

One of the main concerns is that smart devices may be able to collect children’s voice recordings, location data, and even facial photos. Children’s movements and interests might be tracked using this information, and it could even be used to target them with advertisements.

Another issue is the possibility of hacking or child snooping using smart devices. For instance, a security researcher discovered in 2017 that it was possible to hack a popular line of smart toys in order to listen in on children’s discussions.

How can parents then protect their kids from the dangers of smart toys?

Here are some tips:

  1. Before you purchase a smart toy, read the privacy statement. You may learn here what information the toy gathers and how it’s used.
  2. Disable any functions, such as cameras and microphones, that you don’t require.
    To limit access to specific services and content, use parental controls.
  3. Talk to your child about online safety while keeping an eye on how they use the toy.
  4. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that intelligent toys cannot take the place of parental supervision. Even if you take all the essential safety measures, your child may still come into contact with toxic materials or predators.

There are a few other solutions available if you are worried about the safety of smart toys. Toys without internet connections are available to purchase, or you can build your own toys with open-source hardware and software.

Several organizations are also working to increase public knowledge about the security of smart toys. The Toy Industry Association provides a list of best practices for producers, while the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has a guide to privacy for smart toys.

Parents need to be aware of the potential risks as the popularity of smart toys continues to rise. You can keep your kids safe as they play with their new toys by paying attention to the advice in this article.


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