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AI Has Moved From Experiment To Adoption: Sriram Raghavan of IBM Research AI.

AI (artificial intelligence) is being used in various fields for automation applications. Its adoption has increased in both business and government sectors. These views were expressed by Sriram Raghavan who is the vice president of IBM’s AI research department. He says that AI is no longer limited to experimentation and has moved to adoption. According to him, AI is advancing and being used by both businesses and governments.

According to him, AI is adaptable and fluid. It can be prepared to face a variety of challenges by training it with new data. It can be applied to solve various challenges across different domains.

The best aspect of AI is that it can learn new things on its own without any further instruction or support. Other software tools are limited to doing what they have been programmed to do. AI, on the other hand, is programmed to go beyond what it learned in the lab. It can identify challenges and solve them without further support.

According to Raghavan, AI will start to use “neuro-symbolic” technology by combining logic and learning. Computers using such systems can better understand human language and solve real-world problems. Enterprises can deploy advanced conversational technical support and customer care tools.

He believes that AI is not here to take away the job but will change the way people work. From simple tasks to advanced challenges, it can be trained to solve many problems. The solutions found with its help will have a direct impact on the way people work.


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