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After being blocked in Iran, Signal Requests Assistance to Get Around the Country’s Restrictions.

The signal is seeking help from its users to enable it to offer its services in Iran where it was blocked last January. The messaging service offers end-to-end encrypted messaging services. It is considered the most secure platform among all messaging service platforms.

The company is seeking proxy servers that will help it offer its messaging services in Iran. Meredith Whittaker, the company president, asked Signal users in a blog post to help it by offering proxy servers. The message says this way the people of Iran can be helped. They will get access to Signal that will help them communicate freely with the world.

The instruction to set up such a server has been provided in the blog. The company says it continues to explore other techniques that will help circumvent censorship imposed by the Iranian government.

Proxy servers are established as the middle agent to help the origin server and client-server communication. This arrangement allows proxy servers to forward and fulfill the requests of users. The process is mainly handled by the proxy server and not the origin server.

Proxies are used for various applications but here they will be used to circumvent the censorship placed by the Iran government.

There are reasons Iranians want Signal. The continuing protests over the mandatory Islamic veil for women are roiling the country. Many people have been killed and hundreds of protesters have been detained.

The company hopes individuals and organizations will come up to offer proxy server setups. Those servers will allow it to help the people of Iran communicate. It says it will continue to explore other techniques that offer better convenience and automation.


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