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After 18 Years, Meta Is Creating A Facebook Customer Service Group.

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook is creating a separate division for customer service. The aim is to assist the users of its social network whose accounts or posts were removed all of a sudden.

Since the inception of Facebook, its users did not have any means of connecting to the organization about the latter’s moderation strategies and decisions. The news of Meta’s new customer-service division is certainly great news for the users of Facebook.

Users could not contact Meta for doubts

According to the reports, several users demonstrated their dissatisfaction at being unable to contact the social media giant for crucial matters like content deletions, account bans, and advertisement troubles.

They had been demanding an exclusive customer service department for this purpose. Meta’s Help forums will now provide some respite to its users to get support. There are various ways for its marketers to contact them too.

Over the last year though, the company had been planning on possible corrective measures. It led to creating live chat for its English-speaking creators in the US. The company’s project called Meta Pro Team provides complimentary live support for the marketers of Instagram and Facebook to assist them in various issues.

However, it is not quite clear at this stage what will be the role of the company’s customer service segment. Last year’s program on live chat support offers English-speaking people the to speak to a human being at Meta. They could use this feature if their accounts got locked or required assistance to use a new feature.


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