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Advertising Through User’s Manuals.

Marketers are still debating about online advertising. The question is whether online advertising is or should be a medium in today’s ad world. Here is what comes to mind on the subject:

We all agree that TV advertising is outdated. People try just Tivo or DVR right through that ad spending.

On the other hand, online advertising has come alive. How? Given the exponential growth in the internet user base, I think online has become one of the most effective ways to advertise. Social Media is a tremendous opportunity for advertisers if they play by the rules – start sharing your user’s manuals.

We all know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in this mix of online advertising as well. Placing user’s manual online on an optimized and search engine-friendly site can result in a big success and a measurable increase in sales. If your manual placed at techno Station figures out in Google’s top ten then the consumer feels you must be of importance.

This is why I really believe that there is and should be a place for user manuals online. User manuals will stay there as long they remain the same and will update in real-time. Try it and experience the difference.


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